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Children with dyscalculia have normal or higher than normal verbal, reading, writing, and memory skills. They excel at the written word. They are great at any subject that does not require higher-level math skills. Their disability and difficulty lies in the abstract concept of time and direction. They find it hard, if not completely impossible, to remember schedules, and the order of past and/or future events. These children find it difficult to keep track of time and usually are always late or tardy. The simple to some task of remembering a name is just not there for these people. They might know the first letter but after that there is a blank. This can make not only the academic world hard, but socializing, as well. Because of their poor coordination, they have a hard time keeping up with the other children especially if the physical direction of the play is quick. When playing games such as cards, sports or the like, they cannot remember the rules. It is easy for them to lose track or whose turn it is and what the score is as well. This can ostracize them from other children who do not understand.

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