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We had to share this research paper about interventions in teaching math to students with learning disabilities. The short is that the interventions were successful, for a longer and more in-depth see below, for the whole paper, click the read all about it link

The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of utilizing explicit instruction, point-of-view video modeling, and augmented reality technology to teach mathematics to students with disabilities. A multiple probe single-case research design was used. Three students with learning disabilities who were receiving special education services in mathematics participated in the study. The results were analyzed using visual analysis of trend, level, and variability. Tau-U was calculated to be 0.98 on the participants’ overall results from baseline to intervention. The results demonstrated a functional relation between the intervention and the students’ performance on three rational number mathematics skills. Participants’ maintenance and generalization of the rational number skills were measured with variable findings. The intervention was determined to be socially valid by the participants and teachers.

Read all about it: HERE