False diagnoses of Dyscalculia

Dyscalculia: News from the web:

Some parents are concerned about their children getting good grades and are envious of the children with learning disabilities who qualify for additional time on tests. They even, as you can read in the link for today, resort to getting bogus diagnoses from shady bureaus just to fool the schools into given accommodations where none are necessary.

The damage is obvious;

  • it shows that these parents do not care about the children who really need the accommodations
  • it undermines the authority of respectable bureaus
  • they hurt the children with a real learning disability by confusing the schools and testing organizations.

When you suspect something like this is going on, let us know, we will highlight it and expose it.

Meanwhile only work with bureaus that have proven their honest passion to help children with Dyscalculia.

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