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Watching the first part of Stupidhead!, the lovable, sincere and silly musical comedy about dyslexia, one is suspicious that its writer-performer is even dyslexic. For one thing, she can spell d-y-s-l-e-x-i-a, something that even Einstein could easily not do. She has trouble with math, organizational skills and directions home – same here – so maybe she’s not so much dyslexic as she is harebrained.

Turns out, Katherine Cullen suffers from dyscalculia, a numbers-based dyslexia that is a legitimate (if niche) learning disability and, as one can imagine, an utterly frustrating condition. Which is what Cullen’s two-hander Stupidhead! is all about: Frustration – frustration with one’s brain, and the audacious overcoming of shame and limitations.

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