The role of science and technology in improving outcomes for the case of dyscalculia

Dyscalculia: News from the web:

New official report out from the UK. They make the point that dyslexia research in the US got 46 times the amount of money that dyscalculia got to do research. This needs to change.

Some of their conclusiions:

  • Promote the use of reliable screening tools that focus on the efficiency of
    numerosity processing tasks in order to ensure the validity of interventions for
  • Increase funding for DD research to match that for dyslexia, which has a similar
    prevalence and impact on education and employment.
  • Encourage cross-professional collaborative research between teachers, specialists
    in schools, and parents to establish what types of intervention work for DD.
  • Train teachers, other education professionals, and parents in what DD is and what it
    is not, and how to support it, especially using concrete manipulables, a focus on
    foundational concepts, and the procedural skills using formal representations of

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