Adult Dyscalculia

An often-forgotten category of people with dyscalculia are the adults, so we dedicated a separate webpage to them

We hear more and more signs from adults who are looking to get closure on their questions about why math has been so difficult for them. Mostly they have dyscalculia but it has never been recognized, assessed or remediated.

As adults have other needs, we have created a video series called “Math In Real Life” a video series for people of 18 to 80 with no difficult formulas or factoring polynomials but rather short videos with explanations on how to use math in everyday situations.

From giving tip and change in a restaurant to adjusting a recipe in the kitchen, choosing a mortgage or cell phone contract or even working in the garden. Math is everywhere around us and these adults are very aware of it so we have no less than 37 videos to help them review the basic operations in various ways and apply some easy math to feel more confident in real life.