Math and Dyscalculia Screening Test (MDST)

The complete online Math and Dyscalculia Screener Test has 15 parts, but no one will complete all 15 parts. Depending on your age and grade you will complete a maximum of 14 or a minimum of 8 parts of the online Math and Dyscalculia Screener Test. As the system is dynamic, there is no indication of how many parts you have completed and how many you still need to do.

The Math and Dyscalculia Screening Test (MDST) is an interactive computerized assessment that combines Number Sense and Math Achievement. The complexity of questions keeps increasing, when students do well and easier questions are provided, when a student has several mistakes in a row. The average response time on a general reaction test (slow processing or fast processing) is compared with answering times on the various components. It gives an initial result based on the grade placement entered at the start of the screening.

The modules include:

·        A baseline reaction time Approximate number sense

·        Dice test Picture comparison

·        Skip count Missing numbers

·       Number line Block test

·        Visualizing area Visualizing fractions

·        Calculations with: Counting, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Fractions,  Percent, Decimals, and Exponents