Deeper Learning

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Great quote from this wonderful read:

Although deeper learning in current early-grade mathematics classrooms is rare, a research-based program called Number Worlds has been implemented and studied in pre-K through grade 2. The program
is based on six guiding principles:
§ Expose children to the major ways numbers are represented and talked about.
§ Provide opportunities to link the “world of quantity” with the “world of counting numbers” and the
“world of formal symbols.”
§ Provide visual and spatial analogs of number representations that children can actively explore in
hands-on fashion.
§ Engage children and capture their imagination so that the knowledge constructed is embedded not
only in their minds, but also in their hopes, fears, and passions.
§ Provide opportunities to acquire computational fluency as well as conceptual understanding.
§ Encourage the use of metacognitive processes—such as problem solving, communication, and reasoning—that will facilitate the construction of knowledge.

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