Getting through school with dyscalculia

Dyscalculia: News from the web:

In our link for today the story from someone who kept her troubles with math a secret. Unfortunately our school system is such that this can go unnoticed. A major reason why Dyscalculia is not diagnosed more often. Here is how she explained getting through school without anyone noticing her math troubles:

The reason that I was never tested was that I passed all my classes with As and Bs. My parents figured that I just hated math. They assumed that I just needed to apply myself. Now the reason that I got good grades was that I copied everyone’s homework and was a great student. My test scores would give me away, but the teachers were always okay to bump up my grade or give me extra credit. I was in the honors classes track, so surely I was such a good student so eager to learn that I could not get a C grade or lower.

Read all about it: HERE

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