Living with Dyscalculia

Dyscalculia: News from the web:

A great story by Krystal M Chuon about her life with dyscalculia.

One passage sticks with me and underlines the need for both awareness and a diagnosis:

Finding out I’m neurodiverse and coming to terms with my learning disability brought me comfort. It made all those years of confusion and frustration make sense. I also felt less lonely knowing so many others out there share my struggles. I’m more kinder on myself when I “can’t math” in a given moment and take my time instead of quickly giving up. There’s still a low awareness of dyscalculia, but I hope in due time, it’ll be as widely known as other learning disabilities such as dyslexia so that those like me can get diagnosed early and provided the proper assistance in overcoming challenges to excel in life.

Read all about it: HERE