Neuro divers and a nurse

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See the challenges from a nurse in education who wonders where she will be once she goes and starts working:

I am now a second-year nursing student, and my diagnosis causes me to struggle with nursing. My weak points are anatomy, physiology and drug calculation. It’s a struggle, but it does not deter my determination. I ensure that I use more time to plan ahead and more study time. Consistency is the key for me.

Here is the other thing. Though I struggle, I received 90% in anatomy and physiology, and I consistently scored 100% in my final drug calculation exam. I just need more time than an average person.

The big question is, what support exists for neurodivergent nurses in healthcare? I am anxious about it. Will I be given permission or help during the drug round, as the university gives me time to do my exam? Can I bring my software and install it on work computers? Will my other colleagues be in oblivion like I was when I heard about learning disabilities? Though these questions boggle my mind, I am just focusing on the plan to graduate for now.

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