Do math apps really work?

Dyscalculia: News from the web:

A very comprehensive review of math apps for small children with recommendations about design and content for parents and teachers to look out for.

part of their summary:

Overall, these results demonstrate that many
of the commercial educational apps for young
children that are categorised as ‘maths’, are not
necessarily reflective of best practices in app
content and design.
58 Can Maths Apps Add Value to Young Children’s Learning?
Most apps did not comprehensively capture
all areas of mathematical development,
nor did they adequately include features of
personalisation, such as explanatory feedback
and programmatic personalisation, which
this research has shown maximises children’s
outcomes in app-based learning. This
demonstrates the limited options for identifying
high-quality maths apps currently available for
parents and teachers and highlights the need
to improve the meaningful categorisation of
educational apps on the app stores to facilitate
parent and teacher choice.

Read all about it: HERE