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The Education Endowment Foundation has published guidelines for primary and secondary teachers on how to boost math skills with children. They make the following observations:

  • Pupils should master basic mental arithmetic – addition, subtraction, multiplications and division – and be able to recall their times tables quickly. Those who don’t may well have difficulty with more challenging maths later in school.

  • Pupils sometimes think “multiplication makes bigger, division makes smaller”. This is accurate with numbers greater than 1, but isn’t right when applied to numbers less than 1. So, 5 x 5 =25 but 0.5 x 0.5 = 0.25.

  • Learning how to add fractions together can often cause difficulty. For example, many think the answer to 1/8 + ½ is 2/10. Teachers can help pupils to understand that the right answer is 5/8 using diagrams which help to visualise the different values of fractions.

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