Kahn supports Spiral review

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The wonderful Kahn academy has now also embraced the process of spiral review.

In an email they explained it as follows:

We’re thrilled to announce that one of the most requested features in Khan Academy’s history is coming to you on February 3: Personalized Spiral Review in Course Mastery!What’s Spiral Review?
Spiral Review provides spaced repetition of the skills your students have already started practicing. Research shows that by spiraling these skills over time and across lessons, students minimize learning loss and boost knowledge retention.What does it look like for students?
Starting February 3, your students will start unlocking Mastery Challenges at the top of the course page in Course Mastery-enabled math classes whenever they’ve:

Achieved Familiarity in at least three skills
And reached Proficiency in at least one skill

And then they’ll get six personalized questions (based on time elapsed since last practice and level of proficiency) to hone their expertise:

Read all about it: HERE

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