top ten tips to teach students with dyscalculia

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See the top ten tips to teach students with dyscalculia as given by the Dyscalculia Association in the UK

  1. Use concrete materials, such as Cuisenaire rods or base ten materials
  2. Spend time exploring these and don’t take them away too soon, they will help to develop the child’s understanding.
  3. Play games with dice and dominoes so that the child can recognise common dot patterns.
  4. Try to encourage the child to use more efficient calculating strategies, such as counting on rather than counting all.
  5. Encourage the child to visualise the maths- by drawing diagrams and using concrete materials to model the maths.
  6. Make the maths practical and multisensory- avoid worksheets.
  7. Spend time on place value so that it is fully understood, this can be a very difficult concept to grasp.
  8. Have a little and often approach- repetition and ‘overlearning’ will help.
  9. Use mathematical language as much as possible and encourage the child to do the same.
  10. Give multiplication grids and number bonds to reduce the stress of having to remember these facts.

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