Dyscalculia Tutor Training

This training includes the following modules

Dyscalculia Tutor Training 1-1

Fractions, Decimals, and Percentages (module #1-2)

Algebra concepts in a visual way (module #1-3)

Geometry concepts (module #1-4)

Graphs, Charts,  and Data Analysis (module #1-5)

The training is designed to get people ready to be a dyscalculia tutor or dyscalculia specialist to work with students who have dyscalculia after 3-6 months, depending on how much time they can devote to the study. There are a few books to read in conjunction with watching the videos. 

The training is self paced, that means that all materials are available as soon as people have enrolled in the course. They can either follow the training’s curriculum or they can go directly to the topics that are most interesting for them.

The full training now has 110 videos, slightly over 30 hours of direct video instruction by me, and over the five modules about 235 downloadable tools, templates and games to help you work with the students they will be tutoring.

Access more information at https://DyscalculiaTutorTraining.org

Dyscalculia Awareness

This short training is designed for parents, teachers and school counselors to gain a better understanding of what dyscalculia is.

The slogan is: You may be familiar with the A B C of Dyslexia, in this Training we give you the 1 2 3 of Dyscalculia.

The training has five modules https://DyscalculiaAwareness.org

1. What is dyscalculia.

2.     Details of developmental dyscalculia and number sense.

3.     The importance and relation between working memory, processing speed and attention.

4.     How to identify dyscalculia.

5. How to help children with dyscalculia.

Once you answer the questions in the end test correctly, a certificate is issued

Dyscalculia Webinars

To ensure people can learn about dyscalculia in an easy format we have recorded five free webinars that are rebroadcasted every working day at three different times to cover different time zones worldwide.

You can sign up for the webinars at https://webinars.dyscalculiatrainingcenter.com

The webinars are:

·        Dyscalculia an introduction

·        Early warning signs, screening and testing

·        Golden rules for dyscalculia interventions

·        Effective use of manipulatives

·        Dyscalculia in the classroom

Diagnostic Assessments

We hear this often: “why do we need a diagnostic assessment; I can tell you what my child can and cannot do with math”.

The analogy is with your general physician, when you visit them with pain in your stomach area, you cannot just say: “please treat me I can point you where the pain is”. The doc needs to get some testing done to see if the cause would be the bad taco you ate yesterday evening or if it could be an ulcer.

Likewise with dyscalculia we need to have a diagnostic assessment to see where exactly the trouble with math comes from and how we can best help you or your child.

Read all about our Diagnostic Assessments HERE